Tom De Nies

Freelance Computer Science Engineer

After years of R&D experience in Web and Media technologies, I am now consulting and developing on a freelance basis.

The easiest way to contact me is by email


There are many interpretations of the term "full-stack developer", but I prefer this one as found on Quora:

A full stack developer is:

Over the years, I have built up experience in all of these roles, without specializing in either of them. This means that my skills will be most useful to you if your organization or project does not have the resources (yet) to fill in multiple of these roles with a specialist. That is why I prefer to focus on working with startups and small organizations, as larger organizations usually have people dedicated to these roles.

My comfort zone encompasses NodeJS for back end development, and HTML/JavaScript for the front end, but I am flexible enough to adapt to the right technology for the job.

If you have a new and exciting project that could benefit from my expertise (either on-site or remotely) feel free to contact me.


From 2011 until 2016, I worked as a researcher in Web Technologies at Ghent University - imec - IDLab, where I completed my PhD. Details about my research during this period are available at


In my spare time, I enjoy photography, traveling and music (or preferably, the combination of all of them).

Over the years, I've built up a bit of a portfolio, during and in between assignments. I keep my archive at